Thanks for stopping by my website. I help businesses by building and deploying data analytics, data science, and data architecture solutions. I help organizations turn their data into actionable insights. One of the really fascinating parts of my work is in helping organizations with “a-ha!” moments and helping them build narratives about their data. I enjoy all aspects of data-related projects from strategic planning and designing roadmaps through the gory technical challenges that come with the ETL process or developing data mining models and presenting results. What are you going to find here?
  • Content that is both managerial and technical in nature, around topics of data science, and data analytics.
  • Expertise and focus on educational data mining (including learning analytics & academic analytics).
  • Focus on HR data challenges and HR analytics.
  • Data architecture and data curation challenges and approaches.
Come in, take a look around. If this type of content isn’t of value to you, thanks for stopping by. I don’t want to waste your valuable time. However, if you find this useful to you, or you think someone else may find it useful, please share it!